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Terms of Service

We respect your right of privacy and will not sell or rent any of your information.

You are entering into a contract to use our system when you signup for it. You may not create or sell this service to anyone for any reason.

Monthly contracts may be cancelled at any time with no fee's. Once a month is paid it is non refundable.

Yearly contracts are at a discounted rate. Should you wish to cancel mid-year we will not refund that money. If you are not sure you may begin as a monthly client and then upgrade to a yearly contract once you decide you like it.

Software purchases that are installed on your machine have a 30 day guarantee. Due to the nature of the software we will not refund monies used to purchase this software. If we are unable to successfully install the software on the web host of your choice, we will refund the money but the software must be deleted from your system. No exceptions. We reserve the right to deny service to anyone for any reason.

Configurations are at an hourly rate and are supported at that hourly rate. The hourly rate is agreed upon prior to beginning any modifications. We are not reponsible for any bugs in the system due to anything caused by the web host being used. If you are hosting on our machine, we will maintain responsbibility for that and fix any issues. We are not responsible for lost data under any circumstance. We do not assume liability for the users business.